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Atlas Copco Compressor Sales, a Division of Atlas Copco India Limited, offers the new Atlas Copco GA range of the most energy-efficient Air Compressor package with an optimum Specific Energy Requirement, according to ISO 1217 edition 3 annex C (1996). In addition it also comes with a Variable Speed Drive option (the new GA VSD compressor) offering the widest turndown range as comparable to any of the models available in the market. This turndown range of 100% to 17% means it’s more adaptable to take care of the fluctuating air demands of our esteemed customers. The new GA compressor will be able to operate in the severest conditions (ambient temperatures of up to 50°C) and operates very silently (noise level of 71 dBA) which is again the best available in the market. The Atlas Copco GA is the first oil-injected compressor in the world to integrate the water separator into the compressed air cooling system. Reducing internal pressure drops by 50%, this design change contributed 2% to overall compressor energy efficiency. The new GA is Atlas Copco’s first air compressor to offer VSD-controlled cooling fans. They adjust their speed to fluctuating cooling needs. This reduces energy requirements by up to 59% compared to the fixed-speed fans used by other suppliers. The carefully optimised screw element design has resulted in a drop of 5-6% of energy requirements as compared to the previous screw design.

Atlas Copco Compressor Sales / Atlas Copco (India) Ltd.