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CA Series
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Hi-Bond Adhesives offers Adhesives, CA Series. It is cyanoacrylate based instant high strength adhesive of solvent-less single-fluid type. Strong adhesion can be obtained instantaneously by simply spreading the fluid over the surface of one of the object to be bonded and sticking them together while pressing with finger tips. Cyanoacrylates monomer polymerises in few seconds into hardened substance under the catalysis of very small quantity of moisture at the surface so as to bond the object firmly. This is available in packing of 0.5, 2, 20, 50 and 100 gm, and 20 kg bulk pack. Application: CA Series is being used in diversified fields of application such as electronic and electrical appliances, medical equipments, automobiles, air crafts, optic instruments, fishing gears, toys, musical instruments, athletic goods, ornaments and wood work.

Hi-Bond Adhesives (India) Pvt. Ltd.