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Resinova Chemie manufactures a diversified range of adhesives and construction chemicals. The company’s strength is backward integration in the field of epoxies, acrylates and UV cure resin technology, innovative R&D and quality control standards that can be considered to be the best in the industry. It offers Bondtite Fast & Clear, a very fast setting clear adhesive for handicrafts, artificial jewellery manufacturing, glass to metal (for magnetic lock on glass doors), glass to glass bonding including construction and repairing applications, etc. Brief specifications: mixing ratio (R:H) – 1:1 by weight, 100:100 by volume; pot life – 5 min. at 25ºC of 10 G mix; hardening time – 1 hour at 25ºC; curing time – 24 hours at 25ºC; and packing – 3, 6, 13, 36, 90 and 270 gm, and 2 kg.

Resinova Chemie Ltd.