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ABG Motors offers compact BRF type AC Brushless Alternators. These are self excited, self regulated, compact brushless rotating field (BRF) type, engineered with advanced and innovative designs evolved from decades of national and international experience. The generators are built with ruggedness, to ensure long lasting performance. With innovative construction the alternators can be easily installed in confined spaces. They are built in compliance with IS 4722/IS 13364/BS 5000/VDE 0530/IEC 34. The current range from 5 to 250 kVA is suitable for industrial, commercial, construction, rental, telecom, hotel, hospital and service industry for continuous and stand by applications. Rigid steel casing, rotors dynamically balanced with ½ key conform to ISO 8821 and class G2.5 (ISO 1940). These AC generators are available with various choices of SAE adapters to ensure easy coupling to wider range and any brand of prime movers. The rotor has positive locking and is mechanically stable to handle for assembly. It can be removed without removing the exciter rotor/bearing from the shaft. Completely sealed, properly designed bearing assembly with increased concentricity enhances the life of the bearing. Diodes can be accessed externally making maintenance easier. Excitation: shunt AVR is provided as a standard feature. The excitation is so effective, it gives virtually a flat load curve with minimum variation between no load and full load excitation voltages. This increases stability in operation. Auxiliary winding is provided on demand and with specific requirements. Excitation is suitable for maximum range thereby providing the spare parts common to widest range and can outperform existing brands in the market. A eeliable automatic voltage regulator, ABGR 43, with ±1% regulation is a standard feature with 4.0 A and 90 V DC output. With 2/3rd pitch winding to eliminate 3rd harmonics, the winding is best suited for harmonic/distorted loads. Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) is less than 2% at no load. Class H double enamel coated copper wires are used. Impregnation is done with solvent less resins. Tropicalisation of winding is done to prevent moisture in the windings.

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