Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps, VWS Series

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps,
VWS Series

PPI Pumps offers Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps, VWS Series. An improved concept in LIQUID RING TECHNOLOGY developed by highly technical and experienced engineers solely engaged in manufacturing of VACUUM PUMPS, labelled PPI. These pumps are designed to handle water, liquid, air, gas etc.


Single Cone Vacuum Pump, PSC Series

Dry Screw Vacuum Pump

PPI Pumps Pvt. Ltd. offers Dry Screw Vacuum Pump. Advantages: Optimum ultimate pressure and broadest range of applications, No occurring of polluted oil & water due to a perfect dry vacuum pump, which is no using oil, and water, etc.


Close Couple Vacuum Pump, CC Series

Close Couple Vacuum Pump,
CC Series

PPI Pumps offers a Close Couple Vacuum Pump, CC Series. These are widely used in plastic industries and breweries. The company offers a wide array of products that fulfil the exact requirements of customers. The different designs of pumps are developed to suit different industry and process specific requirements.


PPI Pumps Pvt. Ltd. began operations in 1979 with the manufacturing of vacuum pumps in a number of different sizes and capacities. Over the years, the company has seen exemplary growth and today, it is one of India's largest vacuum pump manufacturers & exporters with a production capacity of up to 15,000 M3/hr. An ISO 9001:2008 certified company; PPI Pumps has successfully maintained the highest levels of customer satisfaction through the influx of quality control measures in all areas of operations.Read more...