North Western Railway Jaipur invites e-tenders under "TWO PACKET SYSTEM"  Verified

For and on behalf of the President of India Chief Administrative Office' (Construction), North Western Railway Jaipur invites e-tenders under "TWO PACKET SYSTEM" from the agencies fulfilling the eligibility criteria for the following work:- E-Tender No.-UDZ-HM- GC-P-WAY-T-46-R, Date 09-11-2017.
Name of work with its location - Dismantling of existing MG track, laying and linking of Broad gauge main line. loop lines/Sidings including points and crossings, SEJs: etc. in yards, spreading of ballast, tamping of tack, Pre-NI/N works form Km 111 to Km 160, including Udaipur, Umra, Khanna Chanda and Zawar yards and transportation of P. Way materials over Udaipur-Dungarpur section in connection with Udaipur-Himmatnagai Gauge conversion project.
Approx, cost of the work: Rs 10,57,58,978.29
Earnest Money to be deposited 6,78,800.00
Date for submission of e-Tender: 18.12.2017 Upto 15:00 Hrs

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