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Unique anchorage solutions

Kavita Nigam - General Manager HR and Publicity & Promotion, KARAM provides an interesting perspective on the Personal Protective Equipment.

What are the Industry Segments the company caters to? Is the company looking at the new areas?

KARAM is the first Indian Fall Protection Equipment manufacturing company producing Equipment that conformed to the stringent European Standards. From manufacturing of Fall Protection Equipment and selling need-based Solutions for a worker working at height, KARAM diversified its range to cover Safety Helmets, Safety Footwear, Safety Spectacles and much more.

And today, KARAM is a one-stop solution for Personal Protective Equipment, providing World class Solutions for protection from head to toe.

KARAM has spread its Market reach to over 80 countries across the globe, catering to the Personal Safety needs of Customers in various industries like Construction, Telecommunications, Transmission, Oil & Gas, Wind Energy, Refinery, Mining Industry, etc.

What are the Industrial & Work Place Safety product range provided by KARAM?

We Manufactures and sells Personal Protective Equipment, which are designed to protect the wearer from Industrial work hazards. Each of these products serves to protect the life of the worker, in part or in whole. Hence, at KARAM, extreme emphasis is laid upon the quality of the product. Not only are they designed way above the required basic norms as laid down in some of the most stringent World Standards (like ANSI, CSA and CE), KARAM products are also designed keeping the comfort and ergonomics of the wearer in mind.

Safety Helmets

Primarily used by workers in the Construction Industry to protect the head from injury against falling objects or against sudden impact. The KARAM helmets are tested and certified as per IS, DGMS and CE, and have high strength along with high shock absorption.

Protective Safety Eyewear

Worn by workers in various industries, for protection to their eyes against dust, particulate matter, welding sparks, chemicals, etc. Manufactured in state-of-the art automated plant, KARAM safety eyewear conform to the highest standards.

Hearing Protective Equipment

A vast range CE certified disposable and reusable ear plugs and Ear muffs, which are used by workers who are exposed to high noise levels in their work area.

Welding Protective Face Shields

These face shields offer protection to the wearer against welding sparks and rays. A vast range of these Shields is offered to suit various industries and applications.

Safety Shoes

These shoes are specially incorporated with Toe Protection and are designed to offer safety to the wearer against injury to the foot and comfort during long hours of work. KARAM offers a wide range of CE certified shoe models catering to various foot sizes and different work environments.

Fall Protection Equipment

Fall protection products are defined as products that offer protection to a worker working at height from the risk of falling and injuring himself as a result of the fall.

These products are Life Saving Products, requiring extreme levels of commitment towards quality in production at all levels.

There are three basic components of Fall Protection Equipment:

1. Anchorage or Anchor Point: Anchor point is a fabricated point on a working structure where the fall arrest system is attached to ensure that the Worker is safely tied off in the event of a fall. KARAM manufactures a wide range of both metallic as well as textile anchor points, which offer both versatility during use and the necessary strength.

2. Full Body Harnesses: This is a body support system made of textile webbing, designed in such a way that it supports the body in a safe suspended position in the event of a fall, without tearing apart. KARAM full body harnesses offer multiple usage, like- suspension, work positioning, safe climbing, etc, and a vast range to choose from, for various different environments.

3. Connectors and Hooks: These provide linkages between the Full Body harness and the Anchorage, and can be safely opened or closed. KARAM offers a vast range of connectors, made in both steel and aluminium, and certified as per various international standards.

Lanyards: Lanyards are connecting elements constructed either of rope, or webbing, and depending upon usage, have different types of hooks at either ends.

Retractable Fall Arrest Blocks: These are technically sound fall arrest devices designed to limit the impact forces on the user in the event of a fall to below acceptable limits. The connecting lanyard is housed on a reel and can retract to or extend to different lengths as required. KARAM offers a wide range of Retractable Fall arrest blocks, of various lengths.

Ropes and Anchorage Lines: Anchorage lines made of ropes of various diameters, incorporated with devices known as ‘rope grabs’ offer a safe solution towards anchorage for any application like climbing up a ladder or a scaffold. KARAM offers a wide range of these products.

Fixed Horizontal and Vertical Anchorage Line Systems: These are specialized and engineered products that are fixed on various structures like roofs and building facades, and provide safe anchorage along lengths for an extended period of time. KARAM has a specialized and trained team that installs these lines at sites after a detailed technical survey.

Rope Access, Evacuation and Rescue Products: These products are made of light aluminium alloy, and used by trained personnel to perform various activities like evacuation and rescue. KARAM range of products includes specialized Descenders, Quick evacuation devices, etc, and are best used in applications of Rescue

Confined Space Entry/ Egress systems: Special tripods, winches and Davit arm systems constitute this range of products by KARAM, which allow safe access and rescue of personnel from confined spaces.

What are the new Products & innovations at the company?

Every product that we make is an innovation, in the sense we were the first in the country to make CE marked Harnesses, Retractable Fall Arrester Blocks etc. Criterion for doing business for us is to center all our activities around our Customer/End User.

The Company is also likely to launch new products in the category of Confined Space Entry, by providing unique anchorage solutions & also solutions for entry & retrieval of personnel from Confined Spaces. Besides these, KARAM has recently launched “Abawrf” range of Safety Shoes in the Indian market, which are unique in their feature of water repellant. KARAM is also looking to launch new models of Safety Helmets and Safety Eyewear in the near future to cater to the growing needs of the domestic market.

The scenario in India, even under Present Government has not changed much for the manufacturing sector, what is your experience?

In terms of trends in the safety scenario, we believe that the future is bright for the Safety Industry. The market is increasingly perceiving safety as a mandatory requirement that goes hand in hand with all processes related to all sectors. Increase in safety awareness has also led the market towards acceptance of Safety as more than just compliance. In the coming years the market will look to accepting products that not only provide safety as per norms but also those products that offer ease of use & high ergonomics. In terms of safety service the market will look towards safety solutions that are provided in relation to the hazards identified at work place. Hence, safety will come as a comprehensive solution to fight work place hazards.

How Competitive is manufacturing in India, compared to other Global Locations?

In India, we still benefit from the lower manpower cost as compared to the global markets, however, this is now fading fast. Make in India initiatives by the Government promises a better power supply and better Infrastructure, which is so important for the manufacturing Industry to sustain. Introduction of GST will further boost the Industry.

How is the Present Business Environment & what are the medium you use for Marketing your Products/Services & Promoting your Organization?

Social Media is the major prevalent medium when it comes to promoting the products and services by majority of the people in the industry. We also benefit by participating in Exhibitions, particularly Safety Expos, to promote our brand. Recently, KARAM has also launched a Mobile Demonstration Van which visits multiple sites in India, talking about & educating the end user about Safety & our Products.

How has the company performed during 2016?

Our group has grown up by a substantial amount of 13% in the year gone by. Our Domestic Market on the other hand has shown a growth of close to 18%.


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