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Taking a pioneering lead

As a company that manufactures all types of insulated conductors, coil winding machines, and coils along with providing services such as the repair and rewinding of static/rotating electrical machines, etc., Paramount Conductors Ltd. has not only maintained an edge but is now gearing up for further expansion of products and capacities.

In this interview, Rohit Tapadia, the company’s managing director, elaborates about the company’s expertise and more...

B ased in Nagpur, Paramount Conductors Limited was established in 1966 under the visionary leadership of late G K Tapadia with the aim of developing machines for the manufacturing of insulated conductors for the first time in India. In due course the company ventured into the production of all types of insulated conductors, coil winding machines, and coils along with the repair and rewinding of static/rotating electrical machines, etc. As of today, Paramount Conductors (PCL) operates in four verticals encompassing the entire range of electrical equipment.

The company’s efforts in the development of hitherto imported machines and special purpose machines led to its recognition in 1975 as a research and development laboratory by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. In 2002 PCL received ISO 9002 certification from SGS. Further, PCL, along with associate Anupam Insulating Industries Private Limited, has extended technical and financial collaboration to Paramount Arabia Limited for the manufacture of insulated conductors/winding wires and motor rewinding in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is the only plant of its kind in Saudi Arabia and surrounding Gulf countries. Excerpts from the interview:

Could you elaborate about the four verticals that the company is engaged in?

The four verticals are as follows: 1) Machine Manufacturing: Machines for manufacture of insulated conductors, preformed coils, repair/rewinding of static/rotating electrical machines and testing equipment for insulated conductors, preformed coils, static/rotating electrical mach-ines. 2) Insulated Wires and Strips Manufacturing: This is for glass yarn/enamelled/polyester/Daglas yarn covered varnish bonded and kapton mica/nomex/teflon/paper taped covered copper wires and strips. 3) Preformed Coils Manufacturing: Robel bar up to 110 MW, 18 kV (B stage and green), stator coils up to 50 MW, 18 kV (B stage and green), armature coils/bar, field/interpole (edge and flat wound), power/distribution/control/ESP transformer coils up to 50 MVA, 220 kV, lifting magnet and magnetic separator coils. 4) Repair and Rewinding of Electrical Machines: AC generator rewinding up to 50 MW/18 kV, AC motor rewinding up to 25 MW/18 kV, DC motor rewinding up to 7,000 kW, transformer rewinding up to 50 MVA/220 kV, generator repair and overhaul, and magnet repair of any type or size.

What is the infrastructure of the company as of now?

We have a fully equipped machine shop with all facilities to manufacture machines along with highly trained technicians with design engineers to cater to the various needs of our clients. We can claim to be the only coil manufacturer and motor/generator rewinder in India with an in-house insulated conductor plant which helps us maintain quality while ensuring competitive prices and prompt delivery.

What is the production capacity?

The machine division is capable of manufacturing 20 machines per month. The insulated conductors division’s capacity is 200 tons per month. And the preformed coil division’s capacity is 30 sets per month.

What are the main application areas of your products or the sectors in which they are used?

We cater to the entire range of electrical industries that are engaged in manufacturing and servicing of transformers, motors, generators, etc. Our coil and rewinding division caters to power, cement, fertilisers, refineries, metal and mining, etc.

What is your expansion plan for the year 2017-18?

Paramount Conductors will develop new high-speed horizontal and vertical taping and lapping machines for insulated conductors and will also increase production capacity by 50% in all the divisions.

Are your products exported too?

All our products and services viz. machines for insulated conductors/winding wires, preformed coils, and coil winding machines are exported to more than 30 countries in Europe, Middle East, South East Asia and Africa.

What kind of innovations or R&D is the company engaged in for improvement of the products?

We are recognised as a research and development laboratory and are also an ISO 9001–2008 certified company. We are pioneers in India in every segment in which we operate and in fact have developed more than 150 different machines catering to electrical industries from machines for winding wire to coils for generators, motors and transformers. We are associated with leading electrical associations like AEMT, EASA and IWMA.

Given that the wire and cable market contributes a lot to your business, what is your vision for this industry in the near future? What are the factors that may trigger growth?

This particular sector promises huge potential both in India and outside. With increasing income levels in India there is an increase in consumption of ferrous and nonferrous metals, coal, cement, etc., all of which has witnessed rising demand. Large investments are being made in the power sector, especially in renewable and non-renewable energy to provide reliable electricity to all by 2019. Also, rapid industrialisation in the Middle East region and huge untapped potential in Africa and Latin America implies that the demand for wire and cable will definitely grow in the years to come. As such, we are placed comfortably as a one-stop shop to meet all requirements of the electrical industry.


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