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Solidscape 3D Printers Custom manufacturing solutions

DesignTech Systems partners with Solidscape to launch high precision 3D printers in India for manufacturing rather than prototyping.

The era 3D printing has dawned – and not just prototyping, but actual production, be it in plastics or metals. As of today, there are thousands of components produced for actual applications ranging from dentures and implants in medical industry to fuel injectors for jet engines in the aerospace industry to quote two extremes of the spectrum.

DesignTech Systems Ltd, a pioneer in promoting the CAD/CAM/CAE and PLM technology and additive manufacturing solutions amongst engineering industry and SMEs in India, recently announced a strategic partnership with Solidscape® Inc for distribution of high precision 3D printers for manufacturing of wax patterns in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Bhutan. DesignTech will develop the infrastructure to support the expansion and adoption of 3D printing custom manufacturing solutions.

That the announcement happened on Valentine’s Day could be a happy coincidence, but the fact is jewellery industry accounts for 90% of Solidscape sales. Jewellery is a lifestyle business with seasonal spurt in sales, and the industry faces tremendous pressure in terms of new designs and volume production catering to specific cultures and symbols. It is here that customised rapid production comes into the play.

Solidscape 3D printers are known for their ability to produce ultra-fine feature details and are considered a premier technology for applications like custom jewellery manufacturing, high precision casting, and advanced biomedical research. Solidscape 3D printers, by producing the wax patterns in much shorter times than conventional process, and creating far more intricate patterns not possible by other means, bring huge advantages in time and money saved in the process.

Solidscape high precision 3D printers produce the most accurate, detailed models with the industry’s highest quality surface finish. The models are printed with uniquely developed build materials that are specifically formulated for 100% metal castability. This is used primarily for investment casting (lost wax) but is also superior in the creation of moulds and tooling for manufacturing. The system also creates a dissolvable support structure automatically thus allowing for the most intricate, unimaginable 3D printed models to be created.

“DesignTech Systems’ strong business reputation and broad footprint throughout India is ideal to support Solidscape’s growth plan,” stated Mr Fabio Esposito, President, Solidscape Inc. “Having a world-class partner that can deliver top quality high precision 3D printing solutions for custom manufacturing, sales and service throughout India was our strategic goal.”

Mr Vikas Khanvelkar, Managing Director, DesignTech Systems Ltd said, “3D printing has revolutionised the way products are built. Having realised the competitive advantage and value that this technology can bring, manufacturing companies in India have shown enthusiastic adoption of 3D printing technology, making it an integral part of their product design validation, visualisation and manufacturing processes. We have, ever since our inception in 1998, worked on helping engineering industry in India migrate and make a transition from using the conventional methodology, to adopting digitised, validated and process-oriented approach of building and developing products. Solidscape is a world leader in high precision 3D printers for custom manufacturing. Their 3D Printing accuracy and precision is unmatched. And we are thrilled to forge an alliance with them.”

Solidscape 3D printers eliminate the need for cleaning and post processing as it dramatically reduces the manufacturing workflow while maintaining quality, detailed wax patterns that are ready for casting. Superior casting properties include fast meltout, no ash or residue, and no thermal expansion.

Solidscape 3D printers find applications in industries such as jewellery, automotive, industrial automation, wearable fashion, toys industry and education.


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