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Lambertsson Kran uses Samson K-100 synthetic rope with Grove AT crane

February 2017 – Lambertsson Kran, a Swedish based company will be using a Grove GMK4100L-1 all-terrain mobile crane and Samson K-100 synthetic rope together. The crane's two hoists will each be fitted with K-100.

The Grove GMK4100L-1 all-terrain mobile crane was chosen due to features like narrow 2.55 metre width; best load charts in its class; compact footprint and long boom version with a reach of 60m. It is also ideal for lifting jobs in the city, and in factories with tight working quarters.

The Samson K-100 synthetic rope was selected by Lambertsson Kran after learning about it in an open house sponsored by Scanunit, a Helsingborg-based Samson dealer. K-100 helps in reducing the weight of the crane and carries more counterweight. This would enable them to use the Grove as a taxi crane performing lifts in the city. K-100 will also make it easier for the operator to reeve the rope on the jib and hook blocks.

Lambertsson Kran decided on the pairing of Grove GMK4100L-1 and Samson K-100 synthetic rope, since it has a potential to increase return on investment, prominently the lower maintenance requirements (such as a lack of greasing or lubing), ease of reeve handling and environmental benefits.


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