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Henkel Adhesive Technologies launched its patented technology based hybrid products

Henkel Adhesive Technologies India Ltd., a fully owned subsidiary of Henkel AG & Co, conducted a structural bonding conference at Pune's Auto Cluster Exhibition Center. The event was a grand success and witnessed participation from more than 150 customers from across industries. The conference was conducted in two parts. The first half saw presentations by Henkel experts and representatives from Graco and IEEC, which are Henkel's partners in adhesive dispensing solutions and surface preparation respectively, while in the second half the customers got to have first-hand experience with the Henkel's structural bonding solutions and solutions from Henkel's partners Graco, Kuka and IEEC.
Pradhyumna Ingle, Business Director, General Industry, Henkel Adhesive Technologies India, delivered a session on the evolving world of adhesives where Henkel is developing solutions which challenges all limits. This was followed by presentations on the nuances of selecting the right structural adhesives, designing with structural adhesives and on the importance of the right dispensing equipment and surface preparation to achieve the best results.
After the presentations the Loctite Hybrid Adhesives were launched. These are the next generation universal structural bonders that are powered by a patented hybrid technology. As the name suggests, these combine the best of structural and instant adhesives resulting in unparalleled strength, speed, durability and versatility to adhesives, solving a wide range of design and assembly challenges. The launch highlighted the various ways in which the designers and OEM engineers can improve their assembly process by using these innovative adhesives. 

The launch was followed by a live demonstration where a 70 mm cross-section assembly which was bonded using 0.3 grams of Loctite Hybrid Adhesives. This was done in front of the audience and then this assembly was allowed to cure for an hour. Post the completion of 1 hour, a load of 624 Kg was hooked to the same bonded assembly and pulled up with a crane. The assembly successfully pulled up the 624 Kg weight with just 0.3 grams of Loctite Hybrid Adhesive. The conference concluded with an interactive session between spectators and the Henkel representatives on prospective avenues on Structural Bonding adhesives.


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