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GEA, India to set up automated dairy in Southern India for Hatsun Agro Product Ltd

July 2017 – Hatsun Agro Product Ltd is one of the leading private sector company in dairy sector in South India. Based out of Chennai, HAP manufactures and markets Dairy and Ice Cream products under various brands including 'Hatsun', 'ibaco', 'Arun' and 'Arokya'.

HAP is establishing an automated greenfield dairy project at Dharapuram near Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, as part of its expansion plans. The plant is designed to handle 650,000 liters of milk per day to produce 3,00,000 litres per day market milk in pouches and 150,000 liters per day of curd. It is expected to be the 4th largest plant and their 16th manufacturing location. The plant is expected to be fully operational by early 2018. HAP has contracted GEA in India to install this dairy on turnkey basis.

Apart from specialised equipment from GEA like separators, homogeniser and flow components, a new and interesting feature of GEA's offering is the RO plant for concentration of skim milk. RO being a cold process ensures natural freshness of milk and curd. GEA has successful references worldwide for milk concentration through RO. The plant is fully automated for processing and packaging of liquid milk and curd. MIS reports can be generated to capture data regarding process parameters, production and packaging making it highly responsive and efficient.

The dairy industry in India is ready to embrace new technologies and higher hygienic standards, a fact borne out by HAP investing in and selecting GEA as their partner for this project.

"So far, GEA had been supplying components to HAP and it is a great pleasure to be able to partner HAP on their turnkey project. They are obviously happy with the quality and the service they have received from GEA in the past to repose their confidence once again and that too for a larger scope. HAP is a progressive dairy products company and likes to be ahead of the curve in terms of automation, quality and hygiene standards," said Abhay Chaudhari, Country MD, GEA India Cluster.


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