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Bardhaman offers Roof Ventilators consist of a turbine and use wind energy to start airflow.

Model ID: Wind-E
Sammarth Overseas and Credits, a company engaged in distribution of engineering products, offers Wind-E brand Turbo Ventilators.

Sammarth Overseas & Credits Private Limited, Hyderabad

Model ID: AHU 602
M P Engineering Co, for over three decades, is engaged in manufacturing the Air King range of Blowers, fans and oil burners in different ranges and types.

In addition to Textile Processing machineries, we also started our manufacturing operation of "Suprimo" Turbine air roof ventilators which is working with natural wind force. Electric Power Energy is not required for the working of the Ventilators.

Wind-E Turbo ventilator is a device which exhausts hot and stale air from the working space of industries, warehouses, workshops, and other enclosed structures without use of electricity. These are an imported product, manufactured under strict quality control systems.

Sammarth Overseas & Credits Private Limited, Hyderabad

Siddhartha Distributors offers an Industrial Roof Ventilation System, Wind e.

Sammarth Overseas & Credits Private Limited, Hyderabad

S. Bose Engineers & Contactors manufactures Air Ventilator.

S Bose (Engineers & Contractors), Faridabad

SyGuru Innovators has pioneered the innovative design and techniques to manufacture Turbo Ventilators under the registered trademark of Ecoventilator® under ISO 9001 – 2008 certified facilities.

Vijay Air Control offers air control units. Features: Maintains the operational safety and durability of a pneumatic circuit which depends on the quality of the compressed air, Helps reducing the rate of wear of the surfaces and seals, increasing the efficiency and the life of pneumatic components,etc.