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Turbine Ventilator works on wind velocity, which creates centrifugal action that ultimately spins the blades of ventilator.

Air Ventilator, available from Sreelakshmi Traders , is a mechanical device imported from Australia. The Arven wind driven turbo ventilator can be installed on the rooftop to expel hot and stale air, and to provide continuous airflow and uniform ventilation.

M. P. Engineering offers Turbo Air Ventilator. This ventilator is a wind driven ventilators actuated by natural convection from inside the building assisted by the wind outside.

Sasmith Engineering Corporation designs and manufactures Compressed Air Coolers to cool the compressed air, making it suitable for further on line operations.

Air Ventilator operates by utilising the velocity energy of wind to induce airflow by centrifugal action.

Airtech Engineers offers Airwashers with cellulose paper pads, cross sectional, specially treated fluid media capable of absorbing and retaining water to provide the maximum cooling efficiencies.

Airtech Cooling Process Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

EcoCool Turbine Ventilators offers “EcoCool” turbine exhaust – a natural, economical and effective way of exhaust of air round the clock without power or operating costs.

HMA Automation Systems (I) Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad

Model ID: SFG: 123 and SFG: 223
Supreme Fibre Glass offers turbine ventilators, Model SFG: 123 and SFG: 223, manufactured with precision and perfection.

Wind Turbo Ventilators, SLT 18, available from Sreelakshmi Traders, are highly efficient compared to any standard size ventilators. These Wind Turbo Ventilators are ideal for factories with any type of rooftop.