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Prime Industrial Products

Model ID: Testo 316-4
The testo 316-4 (Set 1) is a fast and reliable leakage detector for all common refrigerants. The sensor is permanently monitored and shows malfunctions or contamination in the display.

Prime Industrial Products

Model ID: Testo 316-3
testo 316-3 is a reliable leakage detector for refrigerants which should be a part of every professional‘s refrigeration technology equipment.

Prime Industrial Products

Model ID: Testo 316
Testo 316- Available in four different types :- Testo 316-1 - Even the smallest leaks get detected quickly.

Prime Industrial Products

Adinath Controls offers all kinds of Temperature Sensors like Thermocouples and RTDs.

Adinath Controls Pvt Ltd, Gandhinagar
Prime Industrial Products

Melt Pressure Transducers incorporate a filled capillary design.

Adinath Controls Pvt Ltd, Gandhinagar

Combo Deduster + Metal Detector consists of vertical bottom to top deduster integrated with digital metal detector.

Technofour Electronics Pvt Ltd, Pune

Load cells facilitate industrial automation of weighing systems. Hariom Electronics offers double ended shear beam load cell models (10,000 kgf to 100,000 kgf).

Banner Engineering has introduced Presence PLUS® Pro – PROII, with an expanded toolset for advanced operations using Banner’s robust Presence PLUS Pro vision cameras.

Banner Engineering India Pvt Ltd, Pune

Model ID: HS 30

Pharma metal detector, Metaltrap HS 30, is an eddy current based digital metal detection system specially designed for pharmaceutical industry for detecting metal contamination in tablets/capsules, preferably installed after deduster.

Technofour Electronics Pvt Ltd, Pune