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Model ID: Scale-Ban
Scaleban Equipments offers Water Treatment Equipment, Scale-Ban. It is a non-chemical water treatment equipment, which prevents deposition of hard water scales in heat transfer areas of various equipment such as compressors, condensers, heat exchangers, etc.

Coron Engineers offer De-mineralization Plants. It is portable. Its advantages are: incomparable for its stability and durability; consistent treated water quality; wide range of models for easy selection; increase life span of equipment, machines.

Indo Dilmum Engg Industries offers Consumables & Supplies For Water/Effluent Treatment Plants. These include water treatment resins, activated carbon, graded filter media for filters; flocculating chemicals for water and effluent treatment systems.

Indo-Dilmun Engg Industries (P) Ltd., Hyderabad

Indo Dilmum Engg Industries offers Effluent/Water Treatment Plants & Air Pollution Control Systems. The company has evolved designs and methodologies for treatment of complex effluents, which have toxic interference due to presence of cyanides, phenols, arsenic, heavy metals, etc.

Indo-Dilmun Engg Industries (P) Ltd., Hyderabad

Model ID: Bsure POL
Rakiro Biotech offers Drinking Water Purification System, Model Bsure POL (protection on line), based on iodinated resin technology (IRT). Thus, with Bsure one has protection against waterborne diseases, viz, gastroenteritis, typhoid, cholera, etc.

Rakiro Biotech Systems Pvt Ltd, Navi Mumbai

Electro Chlorinator is used for applications such as drinking water, effluent treatment, fountains, swimming pools, etc. It is economical and eco-friendly form of chlorination system used for water disinfection and effluent treatment.

Model ID: Modi Pure
Modi Multi Products Company offers Water Purifiers, Modi Pure. It is a countertop seven-stage water purifier in which the raw water passes through seven stages for purification purpose. It delivers bacteriostatic and bacteriocidal disinfectant purified water.

Emmar Marketing Services offers Reverse Osmosis Systems. It is used for Commercial/ Industrial applications.These systems are ideal for drinking water and process water needs for institutions and industries.

Ecospec India manufactures Water Treatment System. It is used for cooling towers, hot spas and tubs, potable water storage and distribution system, cooling system using recycled wastewater.

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