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Model ID: KAS-900
Kleanair Equipments offers Air Showers, KAS-900. It is self-contained air chamber installed at the entrance to clean rooms, production areas, paint shops, food industries to minimise the amount of particle contaminants entry the clean room area / production area.

Kleanair Equipments, Faridabad

Model ID: C-35
Air Pel Technic offers Air Pollution Control Equipment, C-35. It is used for removing sub-micron contaminants from screw machines, CNC machines, CNC lathes, bar machines, grinding machines, part washing machines, welding machines etc.

Acoustics India offers Vent Silencer. It is used for control of noise that arise during venting of steam, air or other process gases at a wide range of pressures and temperatures from safety valves, control valves etc.

Acoustics India Private Limited, Tiruchirappalli

Aerovent Projects offers Cyclone Separators. These are normally used for the collection of the coarse dust particles. In a cyclone separator, dusty air is introduced at the top of a cyclone through the inlet pipe located tangentially to the cylindrical portion.

Aerovent Projects Pvt. Ltd, Pune

Just Proper offers Air Purifier Cum Smoke Arresters. It works with a very simple principle that all the floating dust or smog is cleaned in aromatic water and exchange polluted air with washed clean air. It removes noxious odours and cigarette smoke from the atmosphere.

Mahle Filter Systems offer Dust Filter Cartridges. It is available with filter surface area up to 20 m², diameters up to 500 mm and lengths up to 1,000 mm.

Mahle Filter Systems (India) Pvt Ltd, Pune

Genius Filters offers Air Filter Systems. It is used for the supply of clean intake air for gas turbines, compressors and other air using machines. It is designed to remove air borne contaminants such as dust, dry salt nuclei, fly-ash, un-burnt hydrocarbons, etc. It is manufactured in a wide variety of dimensions.

Genius Filters and Systems (P) Ltd, Visakhapatnam

Dynavac offers Dust Collectors. Its range varies between 0.5 HP to 7.5 HP. It ensures high efficiency of dust collection.

Dynavac India Private Limited, Coimbatore

Model ID: C-TPJF Series

Techflow Enterprises offers the new tuff cartridge pulsejet type Dust Collectors & Air Filters, C-TPJF Series.

Techflow Enterprises Private Limited, Ahmedabad
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