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Model ID: DC-Series
Santoni Electric offers Stand-Alone Dust Collectors, DC-Series. The Dust Collectors have a very large and fine filter, accommodated in a compact space due to their cone-in-cone design, spring-loaded and moved vigorously.

Santoni Electric Company Private Limited, New Delhi

Nisha Engineering offers Air Line Filter. The filter element is made of sintered bronze and filter bawl is made from polycarbonate material. It is used for chemical, fertilizer, pharmaceutical, refineries.

Nisha Engineering Corporation, Mumbai

Dust is the major industrial shop floor pollutant generated by a variety of industrial manufacturing processes such as grinding, buffing, metal cutting & polishing. To curb this menace Span Filtermist manufactures a wide range of Dust Collectors.

Span Filtermist India Pvt Ltd, Pune

Jasmul Pollution Control Systems offers orifice scrubbers. This orifice type of scrubber is maintenance free as the same is pump-less in operation (i.e., circulation of liquid is not required, which is normally required by any conventional scrubber).

Jasmul Pollution Control Systems, Mumbai

Model ID: Oxymax
The aerator, Oxymax, is the most efficient, economical and trouble free. It has high oxygen transfer and proper mixing is enabled at slow speed.

Model ID: Dustomat
Mobile dust extractors remove nearly all types of dust and chips from dust generating machines.

ESTA Extraction India Private Limited, Chennai

Clair Engineers designs and supplies electro static precipitators (ESPs) for all process industries. Experts at the company help customers to establish a technological advantage by adopting technical developments in the industry, while undertaking design and supply of ESPs.

Clair Engineers Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad

Esta offers Dust Extraction System. The most powerful extraction system with the best filter system is useless if the dust-laden air is not conveyed properly to the extraction and filtration of the equipment. This is often accomplished with flexible extraction arms, which can be positioned precisely at the source of the dust and which can be designed to cover the entire dispersion range.

ESTA Extraction India Private Limited, Chennai

Wind Driven Turbo Ventilator is a mechanical device used to handle continuous airflow with easy adaptability to any roof profile and high capacity per vent. It is designed to withstand high wind velocity in different weather conditions.

Sreelakshmi Traders, Chennai
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