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Abrol Industries manufactures furnaces for research laboratories. These are compact, light-weight furnaces, featuring plug-in, portability and quick-heating.

The Heat of Compression Air Dryer is a break through in compressed air drying technology. The hot air from the oil-free air Compressor at 120°C or higher temperature is used directly for regeneration of the desiccant bed in the compressed air dryer.

Mellcon Engineers Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

Warm Stream offers a natural gas-fired water heater. This is ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Agnee Engineering offer drum heating ovens for heating/melting heat sensitive material in drums at a constant temperature in drugs, agrochemicals, chemicals and allied industries.

Electrotherm (India) manufactures induction furnaces, ladle refining furnaces, metal refining converters, induction heating and hardening equipments, continuous induction furnace and other specialised plant and machinery used in steel and foundry industry. The company offers a billet/long bar heater.

Electrotherm (India) Ltd, Ahmedabad

For almost two decades now, Trident Pneumatics, has devoted its expertise to innovating critical compressed air solutions. Its pioneering effort from inception has resulted in several industry standard patented products like timer drain valves, condensate sensing drain valves, modular dryers, dryers for locomotives, etc.

Trident Pneumatics Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore

Electrical furnaces, designed for energy efficiency and non-pollution with stainless steel pot for resistance heated electrical system and desludging facility.

A Refrigerated Air Dryer is the most commonly used type of compressed air dryer for most plant applications for the drying of plant air and other utility gases like hydrogen gas, nitrogen drying etc. where a dew point of (+2) Deg. C. at line pressure i.e. (-22) Deg. C at atmospheric pressure is an acceptable norm.

Mellcon Engineers Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

The Unitherm thermic fluid heater is among the best products of its kind for over 25 years, with over 5000 successful installations.