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ABTECH Heaters & Controllers Offers Ceramic Strip Heaters. Ceramic Strip heater is made of Nickel Chrome Resistance wire helically wound coil, which is placed in the heater.

ABTECH Heaters and Controllers, Udupi

Precision Components Corporation a well-recognized company in the industry involved in Manufacturing and Supplying optimum quality Rotary Table for Partial Heating.

Precision Components Corporation, Hyderabad

HVPL Design and manufacture rectangular Vibrating screen with self-balancing single or multiple Decks rectangular screens with dust covers producing adjustable rectilinear motion, designed for structural mounting. They are used for materials, which require precision screening as well as conveying.

Hindustan Vibrotech Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

Hot Water Generators – a water-free heating device, delivering high volumes of hot water with consistently high efficiencies. Made of stainless steel in rugged design with cylindrical combustion chamber can be effectually operated with wood and coal.

Shanti Boilers & Pressure Vessels Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad

Abtech Heaters & Controllers offers Cartridge Heaters both high watt and low watt density. These heaters are designed for a long life and outstanding performance. The construction of this type varies from low watt density cartridge heater in two aspects. The space between the ceramic bricks and the tube is filled with selected grain size of high purity Magnesium Oxide. This is swaged to an extent of producing excellent heat transfer capability and dielectric strength. Features includes Nickel – Chromium resistance wire gives even and efficient heat transfer to the sheath; heavy wall Incoloy or SS 316 sheath provides maximum protection against oxidations and corrosion; high purity magnesium oxide is thoroughly compacted to give the excellent heat transfer; available with inbuilt thermocouple. Abtech Heaters & Controllers is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial heaters like ceramic band heaters, tubular coil heaters, mica band heaters. The heaters are designed to be economic, efficient, clean, durable and built for safety.

ABTECH Heaters and Controllers, Udupi

Shanti Boilers & Pressure Vessels offers a wide range of solid fuel fired boilers. Features: A water-free heating device, delivering high volumes of hot water with consistently high efficiencies, etc.

Shanti Boilers & Pressure Vessels Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad

Food & Biotech Engineers (India) Pvt Ltd offers a Roller Dryer. In roller drying the product is distributed on rotating, steam-heated drums. The water in the product evaporates and is drawn off by a flow of air when it comes in contact with the hot drum surface. The pre-treated product is admitted to a trough formed by the cast iron drums and their end walls. A thin layer of product on the drums is heated quickly when it comes in contact with the hot surface.

Food & Biotech Engineers (I) Pvt. Ltd., Faridabad

Solar Energy Services offers a wood fired Storage Water Heater. Features: ecological and economical; more efficiency with bio-mass; comfortable, efficient, intelligent heating; solves the disposal problems of garden and agriculture waste; heavy-duty MS inner construction; internal jacket design heats water within few minutes etc.

Food & Biotech Engineers (India) Pvt Ltd offers a Fluid Bed Dryer. To avoid channeling effects and to ensure true fluidisation, vibration is required, so the company is using vibrating fluid bed dryers in the powder manufacturing unit.

Food & Biotech Engineers (I) Pvt. Ltd., Faridabad
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