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Tapping Machine Tools (TMT) offers High Speed Tapping Machine with 5mm capacity. The company also producing a wide range of 5mm cap high speed tapping machine. This high speed tapping machine is used for tapping taper hole and are easy to operate.

Tapping Machine Tools (TMT) offers Geared Drilling Machine. Drill Machines capacity available is 12mm, 20mm & 25mm in various models. With the support of well-equipped manufacturing unit, The Company is producing a wide range of 12mm-25mm geared drilling machine regular and heavy duty model.

The 3 Axes, CNC ID Trepanning, OD Turning and End Threading SPM can enlarge the bore and make the existing bore deeper. The bore produced by the SPM is smoother, uniform, and concentric. Features: No drifting of the centre occurs, unlike in gun drilling, due to the self-guiding, specially developed tooling; the machine and the tool are robust to withstand extremely high cutting forces, etc.

Model ID: BR QFD-100-130
Quick Fit Drill Vice with special design for quick clamping, quick setting with a slider. It is a high pressure clamp which uses more force by rotating the spindle and the spindle supports the pressure made on the work piece.

A superior range of high-performance Solid Carbide Drill tools tailored for small-to-medium diameter drilling applications. Features: HPS Beyond™ drills for aluminium machining with MQL, sharp cutting edge enables higher tool life in aluminium and other non-ferrous materials Material-specific SC drill with highly polished surface that ensures superior chip evacuation and avoids built-up edge, even when MQL coolant is applied, etc.

The Opti-Gash Hobs are used to improve gear hobbing processes by reducing the total cost per part, including the cost of buying, sharpening, coating and maintaining the tool, in addition to the actual machining processes.Features: Allow an increase in the feed rate for a given chip thickness or given allowable scallop depth.

Reliability, repeatability and low operating costs are some of the critical factors for increasing productivity and competitiveness. Feature: Special drilling machines MSPP 200 and MSPP 500 are complete, flexible and efficient solutions for deep hole drilling, etc.

The Rotary Indexing Drill and Chamfering SPM is an 8 Station setup having rigid, heavily ribbed, fabricated and stress relieved structure,Features: Atop the base, a servo driven rotary table is mounted which is divided into 8 stations, etc,....

Patson Machines Pvt Ltd offers rotary indexing type multispindle Drilling and Tapping Machine for lighting industries. This machine is specially designed for drilling and tapping for components such as floodlights of different wattage, aluminium heat sink, aluminium pole, etc.