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Upasani Industrial Cooling Systems offers an oil cooler. Applications: for cooling of cutting oil, hydraulic oil, grinding oil, lubricating oil and other special applications for industrial production. features: compact design; robust construction; operations by a barely literate; automatic, etc.

Upasani Industrial Cooling Systems P Limited, Thane

Span Associates offers a coolant and oil-chilling unit. This chilling unit covers applications such as precise grinding, gun drilling and thread grinding, etc.

Dalal Engineering manufactures flakers (which are also known as cooling drums) used for solidifying molten material. After processing on flakers, such materials can be obtained in the form of films or of easily handled flakes which are suitable to further processing or packing into containers for transport.

Dalal Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Thane

Vijiya Engineers manufactures shell and tube DX chiller with shell made up of MS ERW pipes or rolled from MS plates and tubes constructed with plain copper tubes.

Vijiya Air Tech Engineers, Ahmedabad

Compact chillers that are equipped with large sized components and environment friendly non-polluting refrigerant from Prasad GWK Cooltech.

Prasad GWK Cooltech Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad

North Street Cooling Towers manufactures and undertakes service of cooling towers with complete spares. The features include superior quality and total reliability.

North Street Cooling Towers Pvt. Ltd., Ghaziabad

The Oil Cooler is constructed with highly reliable compressors, condensers, evaporator coils and temperature controllers. The operating efficiency and accuracy expected from this machine is possible only when the temperature of the hydraulic oil in the power pack is kept under control. Normally 35ºC to 40ºC oil temperature is to be maintained for continuous smooth operation of any machine tool.

Werner Finley Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

A technologically advanced packaged chiller for anodizing plant and other variants to cool down liquids to the desired temperature from Upasani Industrial Cooling Systems.

Upasani Industrial Cooling Systems P Limited, Thane

Hindustan Radiators and Heat Exchangers, based in Jhodpur, design and manufacture radiator-oil cooler units for all makes of compressors, cranes, bull dozers, dumpers, loaders, excavators, and DG sets.

Hindustan Radiators And Heat Exchangers Pvt Ltd, Jodhpur
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