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Furnace Spares House is a manufacturer and exporter of Industrial Furnaces, heat treatment plants, ovens and induction furnaces and spare components, consumables, accessories, sub-assemblies, assemblies.

Furnace Spares House, New Delhi

Litel Infrared Systems Pvt Ltd, an ISO 9001: 2000 company, offers Paint Drying Solutions. Key benefits: enhanced coating quality; precise temperature control;...

Litel Infrared Systems Pvt Ltd, Pune

Triologics manufacturers Paint Baking Ovens for both liquid and powder paints. The ovens can be both batch and conveyorized type.

Shree Electro Equipments offers Heating/Curing Ovens that assure uniformity in heating across entire area of oven.

Shree Electro Equipments, Kolkata

Wellmake offers Melting Furnance for Copper, Brass, Aluminium, Zinc, Lead etc and Rotary Melting Furnances

Wellmake Engineering Company Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

Special Purpose Chamber Type Furnaces are designed for Heat Treatment applications like Pre-Heating, Tempering , Stress reliving, Annelising, Normalising, Hardening, Solution Treatment, Quenching etc.

Wellmake Engineering Company Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

Salt Bath Crucible Furnaces with electric resistance heating are operated upto 850 degree C. The temperature control is automatic.

Wellmake Engineering Company Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

Rotary Furnaces are special designed furnaces in oil fired design suitable for roasting, baking, curing or heating of different type of metallic and non metallic chemicals of smaller sizes.

Wellmake Engineering Company Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

Bell Type Bright Annealing Furnaces are designed with Electric Resistance Heating and in fuel/gas fired systems.

Wellmake Engineering Company Pvt Ltd, New Delhi
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