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Acmevac Sales has now extended the range of its Turbine Blowers/Exhausters and these are now available from 0.

Acmevac Sales Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

Promivac Engineers offers Turbine Blowers, also known as vacuum pressure blowers or side channel blowers.

Promivac Engineers, New Delhi

Promivac Promivac Engineers offers offers Roots (Twin Lobe) Blowers.

Promivac Engineers, New Delhi

Promivac Centrifugal Blower are available in Single, Double & triple Stage in Direct / V - Belt Driven Versions. These are Specially Designed and Fabricated to ensure High Efficiency & Trouble Free Operation and are Highly Resistant to severe conditions such as High Temperature, Corrosion and Abrasion.

Promivac Engineers, New Delhi

Model ID: ETL-025
Everest Blower Systems has designed and developed a compact Tri-Lobe Positive Displacement Blower to meet the ever increasing demand of the industry for a small, compact and robust blower for applications such as small electroplating plants, water treatment plants (filter backwash), sewage treatment plants, effluent treatment plants, air knife etc.

Everest Blowers Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

Promivac Engineers offers a Vacuum Pressure Turbine Blower.

Promivac Engineers, New Delhi

Atlas Copco Compressor Sales, a division of Atlas Copco (India) Ltd, Atlas Copco has announced its new and proven energy-efficient technology for air blowing applications: the ZS Screw Blower.

Atlas Copco (India) Ltd., Pune

Rotech manufactures external rotor motors, axial flow fans and Centrifugal Blowers.

Model ID: PR & PRP Series
Twin Lobe Roots Blower has two series as PR series is air cooled and PRP series is water cooled.

PPI Pumps Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad