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Model ID: MDI-50 MI

Model MDI-50 MI digital IGBT inverter for MIG/MAG welding adopts international standard digital IGBT controlled inverter technology.

Power Tech Marine Welding Industries, Bhavnagar

Model ID: SCM-38I

Model SCM-38I is a serial converter module from Autonics. Features: converting RS232C to RS485; 8 kinds of communication speed – 1,200 to115, 200 bps (1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200 bps); available communication distance – max 800 M; surge absorption function; and CE compliant.

Autonics Automation India Pvt. Ltd., Navi Mumbai

Farmax Technologies is a manufacturer of power conditioning equipment. The range includes: servo voltage stabilsers, isolation transformers, step down/step up transformers and total solution providers in power conditioning.

Farmax Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

Model ID: Model 277

Model 277 series converter is equipped with a multiple interface circuit that can handle RS-232, or RS-422/485 serial interfaces and multi-mode or single-mode fibre.

Model ID: Dual Output
Shavison Electronics offers Analogue Signal Converter, Dual Output. This unit offer signal conversion with 3-point isolation between input, output, and power supply.

Model ID: Single Output
Shavison Electronics offers Analogue Signal Converter, Single Output. This unit offer signal conversion with - 3 port isolation of 2 kV AC; wide auxiliary supply range - 185 to 270 V AC and 90 to 130 V AC; input frequency - 47-63 Hz.

Servomax offers a wide range of rectifiers for plating and anodising applications up to 3000 A DC capacities. The company offers all types of rectifiers commonly required for electroplating and metal finishing applications.

Sathya Solutions Pvt Ltd (Servomax India Pvt Ltd), Hyderabad

Model ID: Tornado 400 CR/600
Ador Fontech offers Welding Inverter, Tornado 400 CR/600. This is operated by DC manual arc-welding power sources with IGBT inverter technology.

The fibre optic (FO) converters are an ideal choice for connecting devices situated in environments where electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference is a major concern.

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