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Model ID: VH Series
GE Consumer & Industrial offers Uninterruptible Power Supplies, VH Series. VH Series are pluggable UPS family, designed to 230 V, ranging from 0.7-3 kVA, and providing the highest quality power protection for critical IT and industrial loads.

GE Consumer and Industrial, Bangalore

Power Pulse offers Switch Mode Power Supply. This is available in 10 to 70 W in the following specifications. input (V, AC/DC): AC 85-264; output (V, DC): 5, 12, 15, 24, 48; etc.

Model ID: HP E Series
Numeric Power Systems offers Digital UPS, HP E Series. Features: digital signal processor (DSP) design; PWM technology with IGBTs; wide input voltage range; active power factor correction, input power factor is greater than 0.98; high efficiency; compact design to suit the interiors; easy installation, simple operation; versatile communication options; SNMP interface; web enabled monitoring; and parallel redundant configuration for high availability.

Numeric Power Systems Limited, Chennai

Dyna Hitech offers Battery Chargers. Specifications: wide input voltage - 150 to 275 V AC; improve power factor - 0.98 (typical); high efficiency - better than 91%; monitoring - AC input voltage; DC load/battery voltage; and DC load/battery current.

Dyna Hitech Power Systems Ltd, Mumbai

Model ID: 48 V/7 A
Dyna Hitech Power Systems offers SMPS Units. Highlights: easy to carry; easy replacement; meets CE/UL specification; O/P voltage/current; battery voltage/current measurements on DMP front panel; and good attractive packing enough to with stand drop test.

Dyna Hitech Power Systems Ltd, Mumbai

Model ID: UVIS 400 PIK-FQ
The High-Frequency Power Supply, UVIS 400 PIK-FQ, is simple in operation; lightweight, and can be carried from place to place easily; no maintenance cost required and noiseless.

Model ID: Parallel Series
Team Tech Solution offers SMPS, Parallel Series. Specifications: voltage - 5, 12, 13.5, 15, 24, 27, 48 V; power - 600 to 2400 watts; input - 110 V/220 V and 3Ø 220 V; and output - single output.

Model ID: Prologic
Protech Engineering and Controls offers Battery Chargers Acessories, Prologic. Salient features: only auto float/boost switch for battery chargers used in DG sets; intelligent selection circuit for auto change over between float and boost modes; charging current, voltage and time are continuously monitored; eliminates start failure fault of DG set, as battery is always kept charged.

Protech Engineering & Controls Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

Model ID: Nanopulser
Sai Forklift Services offers Battery Conditioner, Nanopulser. This battery conditioner electronically inhibits the build-up of hard sulfate to prolong the life and maintain the capacity of lead acid batteries.

SFS Equipments Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
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