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Power Services offers Automatic Battery Chargers, Series PABC. It is a reliable charger for dedicated back up supply source for industrial control devices, starting of DG sets, etc. It has IC controlled voltage monitoring circuitry for constant check on battery voltage and automatic selection of mode of charging.

Crown Electronic Systems offers DC Regulated Power Supplies. It comes with following specifications: input voltage - 220 V ±10% AC; line regulation - ±0.01%; load regulation - ±0.5%; ripple - less than 1 mV; and meter - two separate digital meter to monitor output voltage and current of each supply.

Crown Electronic Systems, New Delhi

Festolyte Battery Co offers Tubular Batteries. It is assembled with tubular positive and pasted negative plates made of special alloy strong, and rugged hard rubber container construction.

Dyna Hitech Power Systems offers Traction Battery Chargers. It is available in 24 V, 48 V and 110 V for various applications lifts, DG sets, forklifts, earth moving equipment, logistics, automotive industry, and electricity boards.

Dyna Hitech Power Systems Ltd, Mumbai

Model ID: PLF Series
Spectron offers Regulated DC Power Supplies, PLF series. It is available in sheet metal cabinets. It is also available in open frame or 19" rack mounting construction. It is of linear preset (fixed) output voltage mainly for OEM applications.

Spectron Sales & Service Pvt Ltd, Pune

Spectron offers SMPS Modules. It is a highly reliable power source for continuous duty applications. It withstands adverse / corrosive atmosphere and wide input voltage variations.

Spectron Sales & Service Pvt Ltd, Pune

Maynard Instruments & Controls offers Battery Charging And Discharging Monitor. It indicates the state of charge/ discharge of batteries and helps in correctly assessing the condition of the batteries.

Maynard Instruments & Controls Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad

Electronic Laboratories manufactures CVT types ferro-resonant DC power supplies. These are inherently very reliable. This power-supply has very fast response to changes in input voltage, and the load-change response is also good.

Industrial Metal Components is a manufacturer of metal spray guns arc and flame type, and related accessories.

Industrial Metal Components, Jodhpur
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