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The Silicone based engineering Adhesives & Sealants, RTV-1, RTV-2, gels, conformal coatings, pastes & foams are used for sealing, potting, coating, encapsulation of sensitive parts from thermal & electromagnetic shocks and moisture protection.

Wacker Metroark Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

Mumbai-based Sahney Kirkwood Ltd offers mica paper tapes in `Resin rich’ and `Resin poor’ varieties.

Sahney Kirkwood Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

New Delhi-based Schaaf Asia Pvt Ltd manufactures quick sealers (manual) capable of maintaining constant heat required for fast sealing.

Schaaf Asia Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

Delhi-based Chemline India Ltd manufactures water borne adhesives capable of giving wrinkle-free lamination.

Chemline India Ltd., New Delhi

Mas Sealing Systems manufactures a PTFE non-hardened tape as per international specifications. This premium tape provides a positive seal with just one and a half wrap.

MAS Sealing Systems (P.) Ltd, Mumbai

‘Unibond’ cyanoacrylate adhesives from A G Associates, Mumbai have a shelf life of 6 months if stored in a cool (5ºC).

Elfy Super Glue is a colour-less and transparent adhesive for use on broken knobs, wall fixtures, crockery, ceramics, most plastics, rubber, metals, tiles, hardwood toys and jewellery.

ANC Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

McCoy Silicones offers Adhesives manufactured by Hernon Manufacturing Inc.USA. Anaerobic adhesives for thread locking, 100% active liquids that are self-hardening when air is omitted.

McCoy Silicones Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

MAS joint sealant is chemically inert 100% expanded PTFE fluorocarbon material. It is used in corrosive chemicals and fluctuating temperatures.

MAS Sealing Systems (P.) Ltd, Mumbai
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