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Model ID: IPS Type
Machine Tools Centre is an authorised distributor of Indfos Industries Limited, Ghaziabad, a manufacturer of IPS Series Pressure Switch.

Machine Tools Centre offers a Temperature Recorder manufactured by A N Instruments.

Machine Tools Centre, Kolkata, offers diaphragm sealed gauges whose diaphragm material, top/bottom chambers and the internals are all made of stainless steel.

Model ID: C100 Series
C100 Series bi-metal thermometers have been designed to handle the temperature measurements for industrial and laboratory applications.

MTC's welding and compressed gas regulator gauges are available in two versions: high pressure and low pressure.

Model ID: Type PVC/PVC
MTC manufactures Type PVC/PVC cables suitable for all types of thermocouples, ie, chromel/alumel, iron/constantan, copper/constantan, Pt.Pt.Rh.13% or 10% following British Standard specifications

Model ID: C160 series
C160 series adjustable angle bi-metal thermometers are designed for specific applications where standard models may be unsuitable for easy reading.

Model ID: PIOO series
The PIOO series industrial use pressure gauges are designed for general service conditions where the working medium is non-corrosive to brass and phosphorbronze, have a high viscosity or are liable to crystallize.

Machine Tools Centre, Kolkata

MTC designs and manufactures a series of contact pressure gauges. The sensing element is Bourdon tube/diaphragm/capsule.