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Closed Cell Sponges are ideal for environment where acids, alkalis and many other harsh elements are present.

Silicone Transparent Tubes are widely used in the industry for food processing, beverage preparations, for chemical industries, pharmaceutical and many others.

Industrial Rubber Sheets are available in moulded or calendared forms.

Wide Ribbed Rubber Sheets are very durable and flexible rubber sheets that are very efficient and long lasting to use as structure for domestic and commercial applications.

Natural Rubber Sheets are used as cushioning in different upholsteries and furniture items as well as insulation materials.

EVA Sheets are made using Ethylene Vinyl Acetate resin.

Sponge Sheets are manufactured using premium quality rubber that is spongy and elastic in nature, and adheres to the international quality standards.

Food Grade Silicone Rubber Sheets are very safe and durable ideal for packaging different food products and items that are used in the industry.

NBR (Nitrile Block) Rubber Sheets are high quality sheets that are designed to withstand varying temperature, oils, kerosene and many other harmful chemicals.

EPDM Rubber Sheets are amongst the top choice for outdoor sheeting applications.