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Model ID: Type 93460
'Vaiseshika' digital thermo-anemometer is an extremely useful instrument for the measurement of air velocities and air temperature. This instrument can measure accurate air velocity.

Vaiseshika Electron Device, Ambala

Model ID: Type 2006
Vaiseshika Electron Devices offers Echometer, Type 2006. This echometer is designed for fast, easy and accurate measurement of cable or conductor length.

Vaiseshika Electron Device, Ambala

Vaiseshika Electron Devices offers Digital Thermo Hygrometers. It is provided with Datalogger. It is designed with latest technology to measure relative humidity and temperature of air and surface. It can store up to 16200 measurement values.

Model ID: Type 7400
Vaiseshika Electron Devices offers Decade Resistance Boxes, Type 7400. It is highly reliable. It is designed and fabricated to meet standard calibration requirements.

Model ID: Type 7705
Vaiseshika Electron Devices offers Digital Cereal/ Grain Analysers, Type 7705. It is a precision electronic instrument for analysing the contents of protein, oil/ fat and moisture in different types of grains and oil seeds.

Model ID: 8400-HV
Vaiseshika Electron Devices offers a Decade Resistance Box, 8400-HV. It is a high stability decade box. It is used to provide calibration standards for meggers, insulation testers, insulation bridges, megohm meters, digital meters and components comparison.

Proving Rings provide excellent primary and secondary calibration standards for the calibration and measurement of force parameters up to 1,00,000 pound of force.

Model ID: Series 190
Vaiseshika Electron Devices offers fibre optic illuminator, Series 190. These provide high intensity illumination at the highest magnification and long working distances without light adjustment when refocusing or when zoom features are used.

Vaiseshika Electron Device, Ambala