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Model ID: CB DWT
CB-DWT is adhesive lined, flexible, halogen free and flame-retardant polyolefin heat-shrinkable dual wall tubing, which can meet ROHS compliant and Sony environment substance.

Model ID: CB HFT (3X) / CB HFT (4X)
CB HFT (3X) and CB HFT (4X) are halogen free, flexible, flame retardant polyolefin heat shinkable tubing used for the protection and marking of special shaped objects.

Model ID: CYG MT
Paras Enterprises offers CYG MT Heat Shrinkable Wire Identification Sleeves. These are made of radiation cross linked polyolefin mateial.

Paras Enterprises is the authorised distributor for M/s Scapa Ltd,UK, for their range of High Voltage Insulating Tapes.

Paras Enterprises is one of the leading marketing organisations for Heat Shrinkable Sleeves in India.

Flame-retardant Heat Shrinkable Tube is a tough, flexible, general purpose tubing with good resistance to common fluids and solvents and a high dielectric strength.

Paras Enterprises, New Delhi

Flame-retardant Heat Shrinkable Tube has excellent un-flammability, and insulation. The shrinking temperature is very low and it can shrink very quickly.

Paras Enterprises, New Delhi

Anti-track tubes offer excellent resistance to weathering, tracking and erosion.

Paras Enterprises, New Delhi

Medium walled Polyolefin tubing’s are ideal for the protection of cable joints and terminations in low voltage power applications.

Paras Enterprises manufactures Silver Brazing Alloys. These are extremely fluid at low brazing temperature. They are available for joining all ferrous, non-ferrous, copper and copper alloys with some limited use on silver and molybdenum.

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