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Minoo Impex has launched Metal Hardness Testers in the brand family.

Model ID: Metrix-8020
Minoo Impex offers Oscilloscope, Metrix-8020.

Model ID: METRIX+ Coat Scope 27
Minoo Impex offers a Coating Thickness Gauge (DFT meter), Model METRIX+ Coat Scope 27, launched by Metrix+.

Minoo Impex, Kolkata

Model ID: DIT 3125
Minoo Impex offers an innovative high-voltage Digital Insulation Tester, Model DIT 3125, introduced by Metrix+.

Minoo Impex offers Metrix+ Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges.

Minoo Impex, Kolkata

Model ID: MM-S
Moisture Meter, MM-S is powerful and versatile Instrument for measuring and diagnosing of moisture contents, dampness in various substrates digital readout gives exact reading without error or guessing.

Minoo Impex offers professional high temperature Infrared Thermometer with the different models MT10xL, MT15xL, MT16xL, MT18xL, newly designed, latest electronic innovative technology durable quality light weight and easy to operate.

Considered to be the World's smallest ACA/DCA Clamp Meter, it features versatility.

Minoo Impex, Kolkata

Digital Sound Level Meter conforms to International Standards.

Minoo Impex, Kolkata

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurer, Metrix + UTM 9 is new novel and Innovative design ultrasonic Thickness Measurer comprising of Microcomputer LSI circuit and crystal time base to offer high accuracy measurement with high power of emission and broad band of receiving sensitivity.

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