Water Inlet Solenoid Valves

General Imsubs P Ltd
Water Inlet Solenoid Valves

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  • G190

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General Imsubs P Ltd manufactures water inlet solenoid valves - G190 that meet international standards such as VDE 0730, UL 8730 and EN. Water is the suitable fluid for these valves and the fluid temperature can be up to 90 degree Celsius (maximum). These valves work in the pressure range 0.2 to ...

Company Profile

General Imsubs Pvt. Ltd. is a company promoted by young dynamic, qualified entrepreneurs in the year of 1992. With the objective to make various industrial products covering wide area of application. After thorough market research company decided to manufacture water solenoid valves used in home appliances.

General Imsubs belongs to a family owned professional group having diverse activities like manufacturing of various textile machinery spares, PTFE coatings and FEP/PFA lined products, powder coating etc.
Technical Specifications

  • Electrical Connector: horizontal spade, 6.3 x 0.8 mm
  • Electric rating: 12 V DC / 24 V AC / 110-120 V AC / 220-240 V AC ( for AC 50 / 60 Hz.)
  • Current: 6 VA
  • Insulation class: `F', 155 degree
  • Celsius Insulation resistance: Over 500 M Ohms
  • Solenoid temperature rise: under 95 degree Celsius at 35 degree Celsius ambient.
  • General Ambient temperature: 45 degree Celsius
  • maximum Inlet connection: 3/4 " BSPT
  • Outlet connection: 1/4" BSPT
  • Water leakage: no leakage from 0.2 bar to 10 bar 

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