SCR Triggering Cards for Phase Angle Control

Libratherm Instruments Pvt Ltd (Manufacturer)
SCR Triggering Cards for Phase Angle Control

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Libratherm offers SCR triggering cards, model LTC-12, LTC-13 and LTC-15, designed to fire or trigger back-to-back connected SCRs using synchronised phase angle control technique. These cards accept analogue control signals and provide proportional gate/cathode triggering pulses. These cards also pro...

Company Profile

Libratherm is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified Indian Company engaged in the manufacturing activity of Electronic Process Control Instruments since 1991. Product Range includes Digital and Microprocessor based Temperature Indicators / Controllers having different configurations, such as simple ON/OFF, Time Proportional, PID, Programmable Ramp / Soak, Multi-loop PID, Data Loggers with Printer and PC interface, Temperature Scanners, etc...

At Libratherm, the instruments are designed and developed by highly qualified and experienced team of Engineers with in-house Design and Development facilities for both hardware and software. Their products are economically priced, elegant in appearance, reliable and excellent in quality and are conforming to EN61010 international safety standards. Sales and service support is available by dealer's network in the major cities.
Technical Specifications

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Available Configuration

Single phase, Two phase, Three phase (4 wire star and  6 wire delta)

Control Action

Phase angle control (self synchronized)

Control Signal

(4-20)mA / (0-5)VDC / External potentiometer (any one)


Suitable Triggering Gate – Cathode pulses to fire back-to-back connected SCRs. 4 pulses (G1K1+ G2K2) for single or two phase control and

12 pulses for 3 phase control.

Smooth Control

Adjustable Ramp Up and Ramp Down Time for soft increase and decrease of output voltage

Current Control

Current Limit and Current Trip settings using on card presets.

Feedback is taken from external CT (LTC-13 and LTC-13D)


For adjusting  maximum and minimum voltage  per phase.

Load Type

Suitable for both resistive and inductive loads

(15A to 500A @ 230/415 VAC)

Supply Voltage

230 / 380 / 415 VAC, 50/60 Hz. (As required)

Sizes  in mm. / Mounting

115 x 115 x 70   (LTC-12) – On Flat plate mountable using 4 screws.

110 x 135 x 70   (LTC-13N) - On Flat plate mountable using 4 screws.

110 x 135 x 80   (LTC-13D) – 35 mm. DIN rail mountable.

125 x 160 x 70   (LTC-15-4-6) - On Flat plate mountable using 4 screws.

125 x 160 x 70   (LTC-15-3) - On Flat plate mountable using 4 screws.

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