Power Capacitors

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Power Capacitors

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  • SquareCap Capacitor

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Product Profile

South India Marketing Associates offers SquareCap Capacitor. Awareness of the necessity of power quality is increasing, and power factor correction (PFC) will be implemented on a growing scale in future. Enhancing power quality – improvement of power factor – saves costs and ensures a fast retur...

Technical Specifications

  • Specification: Conformance to standards IEC 831-1 and 2, IS 13340
  • Range: Single unit from 1 to 50 KVAr.
  • Available in three designs:
    • ENDC: South India Marketing normal duty capacitor for normal inductive linear loads.
    • EHDLL: South India Marketing Heavy DUTY Long life capacitor for loads exhibiting some amount of non-linearity, presence of harmonics, medium size industries.
    • ESHDC: South India Marketing Super heavy duty capacitor for nono-linear arduous and flucluating loads with higher degree of harmonics.

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