Planetary Drives

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Planetary Drives

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The 300 series Planetary drives are compact, and yet extremely powerful. The drive train makes them the ideal choice for all the severe duty applications where shock loads and impacts are more the rule than the exception. The product configuration is highly versatile, due to several options as far a...

Company Profile

Designing and manufacturing innovative and reliable Bonfiglioli solutions for power transmission and control in the industrial, mobile and renewable energy sectors. Encouraging and promoting sustainable development shared worldwide, through a dynamic, responsible, prompt and customer-oriented service.
Technical Specifications

  • Torque Range: 1000 ... 500.000 Nm
  • Transmissible Mechanical Power: up to 450 kW
  • Gear Ratios: i=3,4 ... 5.000
  • Gear Unit Versions: In line Right angle (with a spiral bevel gear set)
  • Output Configuration: Foot and flange mounted, Output shaft: solid with key, Splined, Splined hollow, hollow with shrink disc
  • Input Configurations: Flanged axial piston hydraulic motors, Hydraulic orbit motors, IEC and Nema motor adaptors, Solid input shaft
  • Hydraulic Brake: Hydraulically released parking brake on request
  • Electric Brake: DC and AC type

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