Multi Loop PID Controller

Libratherm Instruments Pvt Ltd (Manufacturer)
Multi Loop PID Controller

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  • PID-8000

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Libratherm Instruments offers Multi Loop PID Controller, PID-8000. This is a microprocessor based 8-loop PID temperature/process controller for processes requiring multiple zones heating or heating plus cooling control, or for average temperature control using multiple sensors. It is most suitable f...

Technical Specifications

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  • No. of Inputs: 4, 6 or 8
  • Range: Subject to the full range of the specified input
  • Indicating accuracy: Better than ± 0.1% of the specified range (Software Linearised)
  • Resolution: 0.1/1ºC Subject to the specified range
  • Open or short sensor indication: Display shows Flt-1 or Flt-2 and outputs will be turned OFF
  • Tuning: Auto/Manual tuning of PID values
  • Settings: Using front panel membrane key board to set the various values
  • Scan rate: 1 to 99 sec (programmable through front panel keyboard)
  • Skip/Hold: Available through key board in configuration mode
  • Control action: PID or ON/OFF selectable (for both heating and cooling control action)
  • Supply: 230VAC / 110 VAC ± 10% (10VA), 50/60Hz
  • Size: 192 x 96 x 200 mm
  • Panel Cut-out: 188 x 92 mm ± 0.5 mm

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