Limit Switch Device, RVS

Bonfiglioli Transmissions Pvt Ltd (Manufacturer)
Limit Switch Device, RVS

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The RVS limit switch is a differential device that simply bolts on a standard worm gear and makes it suitable to drive precisely and repeatedly between the set end points any shade or window in the glass house application.


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Designing and manufacturing innovative and reliable Bonfiglioli solutions for power transmission and control in the industrial, mobile and renewable energy sectors. Encouraging and promoting sustainable development shared worldwide, through a dynamic, responsible, prompt and customer-oriented service.
Technical Specifications


Function Revolution counter with the limit switch function
Available for VF 49 F; VFR 49 F
W 63 UFC; WR 63 UFC
W 75 UFC; WR 75 UFC
W 86 UFC; WR 86 UFC
Max. drive speed n2 = 27 rpm
Operation range 0 to 43 revolutions of the output shaft

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