Indicating/Alarming Instruments

Micon Automation Systems Pvt Ltd
Indicating/Alarming Instruments

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  • AI-501/AI-701

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Micon Automation Systems offers an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Series single-channel Indicating/Alarming Instruments, which has a special features like suitable for indication, alarm and retransmission of temperature, pressure, flow, level and humidity, etc. ...

Company Profile

MICON is impending organization commenced from 1998. Team of young enterpreneurial and engineers has established Micon Automation Systems Pvt. Ltd. They would like to introduce themeselves as instrumentation and automation people to provide complete solution with the help of latest state of the art technology. With apex of providing economical & innovative quality solution, the efforts, the knowledge, and the proficiency, MICON has brought result in front of you. This is possible due to customers' complete trust in MICON. The credit of this success goes to our esteem customer & our associates.
Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: A/A2 (96 x 96 mm)/(A2 – light bar to show % of PV), B (160 x 80 mm), C/C3 (80 x 160 mm) (C3 – light bar to show % of PV), D (72 x 72 mm), D2 (48 x 48 mm), E/E5 (48 x 96 mm) (E5 – DIN rail w/o display) F (96 x 48 mm)
  • Support various thermocouples, RTDs, linear voltages/currents/resistances
  • Provides 4 programmable alarm output including upper limit, lower limit, upper deviation and lower deviation
  • Supports RS485 communication with PC or AI true-colour HMI touch screen/split paperless recorder

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