Indicating/Alarming Instruments

Micon Automation Systems Pvt Ltd
Indicating/Alarming Instruments

Model ID

  • AI-501/AI-701

Product Categories

Product Profile

Micon Automation Systems offers an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Series single-channel Indicating/Alarming Instruments, which has a special features like suitable for indication, alarm and retransmission of temperature, pressure, flow, level and humidity, etc. ...

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: A/A2 (96 x 96 mm)/(A2 – light bar to show % of PV), B (160 x 80 mm), C/C3 (80 x 160 mm) (C3 – light bar to show % of PV), D (72 x 72 mm), D2 (48 x 48 mm), E/E5 (48 x 96 mm) (E5 – DIN rail w/o display) F (96 x 48 mm)
  • Support various thermocouples, RTDs, linear voltages/currents/resistances
  • Provides 4 programmable alarm output including upper limit, lower limit, upper deviation and lower deviation
  • Supports RS485 communication with PC or AI true-colour HMI touch screen/split paperless recorder

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