Foundation Isolation

Dynemech Systems Pvt. Ltd. (Manufacturer)
Foundation Isolation

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  • Zeiss CMM

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Dynemech Systems Pvt. Ltd. offers Zeiss CMM model Foundation Isolation, which is used to reduce both active and passive vibrations. Vibration isolation mountings are required to reduce the transmission of vibration and shocks. A foundation block or Vibration isolation mountings for high dynamic mach...

Company Profile

DYNEMECH SYSTEMS PVT. LTD. was founded in the year 2000 with the aim of manufacturing superior quality vibration damping solutions for all modern machinery. Dynemech Systems today is one of the leading manufacturer of Anti-Vibration Mounts. We provide complete vibration damping solutions for machinery ranging from CNC machines, Power Presses, Lathe Machines, Textile Machines, Generators, Compressors, Tool Room Machines, Forging Hammers and all other kinds of heavy industrial machinery. We are specialists in the manufacture and supply of anti-vibration mounts, vibration isolation and shock absorption products. The array of Anti-Vibration Pads offered by us comprises of Wedge Mounts, Screw Support Mounts, Compac Machinery Mounts, Stud Mounts, Machine Leveling Mounts, Sandwich Mounts, Machinery Raiser Damping Blocks, Insulation Plate, Rubber Air Springs, Spring Isolator, etc.
Technical Specifications

  • Isolated foundation for Carl ZEISS CMM make: contura G2
  • X/Y/Z measuring: 700/1000/600 mm
  • Machine Weight: 1550 Kg

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