Dip Type Leak Testing Machines

Vimal Industrial System (Manufacturer)
Dip Type Leak Testing Machines

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Vimal Industrial systems has successfully manufactured and supplied Dip Type Leak Testing Machines. Dip Type Leakage Testing Machine System consist of Machine Frame, Water Tank, Component Holding Fixture, Hole Plug Holders, Hole Plug Rubber Seals, Hole Plug Cylinders, Component Holding & Resting Arr...

Company Profile

Vimal Industrial System was started in the year 2007 and founded by Mr. Dipak Patil, with an experience of 12 years in all aspects of the Automation Industry, and a passion to create systems that improve processes and simplify tasks.

Vimal Industrial System is a successful supplier of automation solutions for Assembly Automation. The company has successfully developed and delivered systems that have become an integral part of their clients manufacturing operations. The latest analysis techniques are employed to solve even the toughest machine design problems quickly and efficiently.
Technical Specifications

  • Well Designed Structure
  • Leakage Proof Component Of Resting Fixture Avoid Rust
  • Rust Less Components For Dip Type Leak Test Machine
  • High Quality Rubber Seal
  • Rubber holder design for Quick change over of Rubbers
  • Gear Box for Fixture with component rotation manually or by motorized
  • Pneumatic Arrangement For Component fixture Lifting
  • 3 side fencing front side protection curtains
  • Operator Safety Precaution
  • Operator Friendly Operation
  • Cycle Time as per component Volume , Size & Shape

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