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PG Electronics
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Company Name : PG Electronics
Page no : 115
Categories: Miscellaneous Industrial Supplies
Sensors, Detectors and Transducers
Testing and Measuring Instruments
Electronic Systems, Components & Accessories
Lasers and Laser Equipment
Switches and Relays
Inverters, Converters, Rectifiers and Stabilizers
Robotics, Industrial Electronics and Automation Equipment
Clamps, Couplings, Connectors and Hardware
Products: Absolute & Incremental Shaft Encoders  |  Absolute Encoder  |  Absolute Shaft Encoder  |  Absolute Single Turn Encoders  |  Alignment Device, Laser Line  |  Colour Mark Sensor  |  Differential Encoder Output Converter  |  Digital Position Transducers, Scalable  |  Digital Transducer (Encoder Position Transducer & Precision Tachometer)  |  DUAL STREAM ENCODERS  |  Dual Stream Isolator for Encoders  |  Economical Version Encoder  |  Encoder ECO 38  |  Encoder Interface Modules  |  Encoders For High Temperature/Hostile Environment  |  Flexible Couplings for Rotary Transducers and Drives  |  Fork Sensors & Pulse Transmitters  |  Heavy Duty Shaft Encoders  |  Hollow Shaft Encoders  |  Inductive & Capacitive Proximity Sensors  |  Inductive Ring Sensor  |  Laser Distance Sensor  |  Laser-Line Alignment Tool  |  Linear Distance Measurement Sensor  |  Mark Sensors  |  Metal Detector & High Temperature Inductive Proximity Switches  |  Mini Sensor with Teach Facility  |  Miniature Proximity Switches  |  Optical Distance Sensors  |  Optical Switch, Miniature  |  Opto Electronic Sensors  |  Precision Couplings, World Class  |  Precision Scalable Tachometer  |  Precision Scalable Tachometers  |  Pulse Transmitters – Edge Sensors  |  Ring Sensor  |  Ring Sensors for Line Production Monitoring  |  Serial to Parallel Converter  |  Shaft & Hollow Shaft Encoders  |  Shaft Encoders  |  Shaft Encoders – Heavy-Duty  |  Shaft Encoders, PGcoders  |  Teach Distance  | 
Company Details:

Established in 1981, PG Electronics is engaged in manufacture of inductive, capacitive sensors, wide range of shaft encoders. With constant technology update the firm now makes incremental encoders up to 10000 ppr and absolute encoders up to 13 Bits. Opto electronic sensors including infra-red, LASER and color sensors, inductive and capacitive proximity switches and special couplings are also manufactured in line with those which are seen in the European market.

Contact person:P G Bhat
Address: 228, Ashirwad Industrial Estate 3
Ram Mandir Road, Goregaon (West)