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Company Name : PG Electronics
Page no : 115
Categories: Sensors, Detectors and Transducers
Products: Colour Mark Sensors  |  Mini Sensor  |  Micro Controller  |  Automatic Sensor  |  Encoders  |  Sensor For Automation  |  Ring Sensor  |  Proximity Switch  |  Linear Distance Sensor  |  Flow Controllers  |  Channel Converter  |  Scalable Encoder Position Indicator  |  Sensors  | 
Company Details:

P G Electronics was established in 1981 as a partnership firm. The company was started with the manufacture of Electronic Timers - ON Delay, OFF Delay and Sequence Timers. During that period, good reliable Electronic timers were not available in the country. In the year 1985, commenced manufacture of High resolution incremental encoders EN-801 of resolution upto 2500 pulses per revolution. In the year 1988, Infra Thereafter products added since last 10years are heavy duty encoders, high resolution incremental encoders upto 10,000 pulses per revolution, hollow-shaft encoders, dual stream encoders EN-802 and singleturn absolute shaft encoders upto 12 bits having Parallel, Analog & SSI outputs. Product designing to adopt same standards which are acceptable in Europe,is the mission of PG Electronics.Acquiring new techniques, PG now manufactures laser based equipments for precision distance measurement systems, colour sensors and mark sensors also. Ring sensors and Proximity sensors with Analog output are new additions to the already existing inductive sensors of very wide range.

Contact person:Mr. P G Bhat
Address: 228, Ashirwad Industrial Estate 3
Ram Mandir Road, Goregaon (West)