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Sri Venkateswara Gear Wheels Pvt Ltd
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Company Name : Sri Venkateswara Gear Wheels Pvt Ltd
Page no : 236
Categories: Bearings, Bushings, Wheels and Gears
Gearboxes and Belts
Mechanical Power Transmission and Drive Components
Products: Planetary Gearboxes  |  Gearboxes  |  Gears – Spur, Helical Gears  |  Internal Gears/Bevel Gears  |  Worms/Worm Wheels  |  Splines/Sprockets  |  Pulleys & Timing Belt Pulleys  |  Spur Gears  |  Straight Bevel Gears  |  Gear Wheels  |  Industrial Gearboxes  |  Industrial Gears  | 
Company Details:

Sri Venkateshwara Gear Wheels, is a fast growing and leading company manufacturing a variety of Gears, Gear Boxes and Precision Components that are considered the most important to keep machines on a continuous run. A noted company having two decades of considerable understanding in the fabrication of this rare group of Gears, Sri Venkateshwara Gear Wheels has carved a niche for itself for maintaining international standards in terms of precision and distinction and endurance. We are a group of companies and its sister concern SV Gears was founded in 1985 based at Kukatpally in Hyderabad, and is engaged in manufacturing of Gears, Gear Boxes and Precision components.

Contact person:Mr. M. Sri Ramulu
Address: 5-36/24/A, APIIC Road, Prashanth Nagar, Kukatpally,
Pincode:500 072
Phone: 91-40-23078385 / 0910
Fax: 91-40-23078113