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Mechelonic Engineers Pvt Ltd
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Company Name : Mechelonic Engineers Pvt Ltd
Page no : 112, 113
Categories: Welding Machinery & Accessories
Products: Welding Solutions using Resistance Welding & Allied Machinery  |  Bench Mounted Spot/Projection Welders  |  Press Type Projection Welders  |  Press Type Spot Welders  |  Spot Welding Machines  |  Projection Welding Machines  |  Seam Welders, Longitudinal, Circumferential & Universal  |  Integral Transformer Spot Welder, Portable  |  Suspension Type Spot Welder, Portable  |  Rail Flash Butt Welder  |  Steel Grating Welding Machine  |  Wire Mesh Welding Machine  |  Special Purpose Welding Machines  |  Strip Seam Welders for Joining Coil Ends in Steel Mills  |  Rail Flash Butt Welders  |  Solid State Controls for Welding Machines  |  Spot/Projection Welder, Capacitor Discharge Type  |  Welding Machines for Metal Can Industry  |  Seam Welding Machines  |  Flash Butt Welding Machines  | 
Company Details:

The pursuit of excellence has been a constant endeavour at mechelonic engineers pvt ltd. The company has carved for itself a special niche as a complete solution provider in the field of resistance welding.

The success of mepl is attributed to the constant updating of technology, a firm commitment to continuous R&D, and a strong team that believes in itself and the company they are part of.

Today mechelonic engineers boasts the widest range of range of products and services in the Indian Market. Or, as we like to say, "Bigger, Better, Faster and More" Welding Solutions than anyone else.

Address: C-230, Solaris -1, Sakivihar Road, Powai
Pincode:400 072
Phone: 91-22-28571582, 28571530, 28572537, 28570558, 61524000
Fax: 91-22-28574698