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K U Sodalamuthu and  Co Pvt Ltd
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Company Name : K U Sodalamuthu and Co Pvt Ltd
Page no : 102
Categories: Packaging, Filling and Sealing Machines, Accessories & Materials
Special Purpose Machines
Products: Machinery For Producing Paper Tubes, Cones, Cores  |  Machinery For Producing Composite Cans, Fibre Drums, Edge Protectors & Pulp Moulded Products  |  Packaging Machinery  |  Paper Cone Machinery  |  Paper Conversion Machinery  |  Fibre Drums Machinery  |  Edge Protector Machinery  |  Composite Cans Machinery  |  Composite Can Making Plant  | 
Company Details:

Creative thinking and an innate sense of observation are vital ingredients for any successful business venture. The Late Mr. K.U.Sodalamuthu had them in him when he observed the potential in Paper Conversion Machinery. He chose an uncommon industry which was largely related to a common one - Textiles. It is a laudable fact that an innovative brand of industry has its origin in a city popularly known as "Manchester of South India". machinery India, exporter India, paper cones India, manufacturer India, paper cones from India, tipped paper cones India, yarn cones India, sodaltech India, Coimbatore India, paper core India.

Contact person:Mr Kathiresan
Address: No: 5, Nehru Stadium