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Cosel Asia Ltd. (India Liason Office)
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Company Name : Cosel Asia Ltd. (India Liason Office)
Page no : 153
Categories: Power Supplies, Batteries & Accessories
Electrical Systems, Components & Accessories
Electronic Systems, Components & Accessories
Products: AC-DC Power Supplies  |  AC-DC Switching Power Supply  |  AC-DC LFA Series  |  AC-DC Power Supplies, PBW Series  |  AC-DC Power Supplies, PBA Series  |  DC-DC Converters  |  DC-DC Converters - CBS530 Series  |  DC-DC Converters - DBS450 Series  |  DC-DC Converters - DHS Series  |  DC-DC Converters - DBS700 Series  |  DC-DC Converters - SUTS Series  |  DC-DC Converters - CES-P Series  |  DC-DC Converters - CQHS Series  |  DC Power Distribution Systems - DPG, DHS B & DBS700 Series  |  Electricals For Telecom - CQHS & CBS450 Series  |  Process Control And Instrumentation - MG Series  |  Noise Filters - EA Series  |  General Automation - LFA Series  |  Electricals For Railways - DHS A Series  |  AC-DC Power Module With PFC  |  AC/DC Switching Power Supply  | 
Company Details:

Cosel Asia Ltd. was established in 1998 as a 100%-owned sales subsidiary of Cosel Co., Ltd. in Japan. The primary role of Cosel Asia is to strengthen marketing and customer service of Cosel's switching power supply products in the Asia/Pacific and Middle East regions. Cosel Asia is currently providing services to its customers through distributors in the following countries: Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Australia, New Zealand and Israel.

Contact person:S.V Phaneendra
Estd year:1998
Address: Suite No.100, DJ Business Centre, No.20, Gold Tower
No.50, Residency Road