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Bonfiglioli Transmissions Pvt Ltd
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Company Name : Bonfiglioli Transmissions Pvt Ltd
Page no : 363
Categories: Gearboxes and Belts
Inverters, Converters, Rectifiers and Stabilizers
Products: Motors – electric  |  Electric drives  |  Electric motors  |  Mechanical speed variators  |  Fixed speed gear motors  |  Gear motors, single and three phase  |  Industrial gearboxes  |  Speed reducers  |  Frequency Inverter  |  Frequency Inverter  | 
Company Details:

Designing and manufacturing innovative and reliable Bonfiglioli solutions for power transmission and control in the industrial, mobile and renewable energy sectors. Encouraging and promoting sustainable development shared worldwide, through a dynamic, responsible, prompt and customer-oriented service.

Contact person:Mr Pradeep Maurya
Address: Survey No. 528/1, Perambakkam High Road, Mannur