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Speciality Urethanes Pvt. Ltd.
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Company Name : Speciality Urethanes Pvt. Ltd.
Page no : 67, 68, 69
Categories: Hand Tools, Power Tools & Accessories
Castings, Extrusions, Forgings and Mouldings
Bearings, Bushings, Wheels and Gears
Products: Castors & wheels, Blickle  |  Nylon/PP castors & wheels  |  Blickle castors & wheels  |  Heat resistant wheels  |  Stainless steel castors  |  Anti-static castors  |  Spring loaded castors, heavy-duty  |  Pneumatic wheels for heavy-duty applications  |  Castors & wheels with soft rubber/semi-elastic  |  Solid rubber tyres  |  Castors for hospital equipment  |  Mallets  | 
Company Details:
Contact person:Mr.Anuj Lele
Address: N-19, Additional MIDC Area
Pincode:415 004