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HPL Electric India Pvt Ltd (HPL Electric & Power Ltd)
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Company Name : HPL Electric India Pvt Ltd (HPL Electric & Power Ltd)
Page no : 70
Categories: Electrical Wires and Cables & Accessories
Fuse, Circuit Breakers, Switchgears and Protective Devices
Lamps, Lighting Systems & Accessories
Bearings, Bushings, Wheels and Gears
Products: FR PVC insulated industrial cables  |  FRLS/ZHLS wires & cables  |  Submersible cables  |  Telephone cables  |  Co-axial cables  |  Cables  |  Wires & cables  |  Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL)  |  Switchgear  |  MCBs & DBs, RCCBs & MCCBs  |  Electronic energy meters  | 
Company Details:

HPL is regarded as “The Technology Brand of India” and is one of the premium manufacturers of reliable Electrical Protection Equipments, Switchgears, Electronic Energy Meters and Energy Management Systems. Consistent and sound policies have helped the HPL Group mark a strong presence nationally as well as globally. In its own special way, HPL is committed to the growth and expansion of Brand India. Through our deliberations in the electrical industry, we believe we can actively participate in furthering the cause of brand India. Superior technology, impressive product portfolio and a quality driven attitude have given HPL an edge in the competitive market. This has also attracted major international players to collaborate with HPL and work successfully together.

Contact person:Mr.Sunny Sehgal
Address: 2.nd Floor Atma Ram Manions
1/21 Asaf Ali Road
City:New Delhi